A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You play as an evil engineer that wants to destroy earth from space with nuclear bombs.

Enemies will try to stop you from placing the final bomb into space by bombarding your launch site. You can defend yourself during the launch procedure with a cannon.

When you launch the rocket you will need to maneuver it to an exact orbit. there you can detach the bomb and conduct your evil plan.

This game's physics framework built on processing for java (written by me) uses real physics formulas and constants.

The download for windows could be bigger because java is bundled with it for computers that don't have it.

contact me on discord with feedback and bugs: inzywinki#8200

github repo

Install instructions

Download the zip file for your platform and unpack it.

open the olcCodeJam2019.exe file in the application.windows.64 or .32 folder

you may need to install java in a few cases (not much)


windows.zip 77 MB
cheat.txt 71 bytes

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